Oceania Middle Distance Championships (2015-01-06)
Kategori: Competition
Karta/område: Rajah Rock
Land: Australia
Distans: Middle
Spiked number one but mis-read the control description and thought I had found the wrong number. Hadn't seen any rock features on the way so wasn't confident where I was and kept going. Must have lost close to 2 mins. Got the next few clean but tried to push too hard to 9, saw 15 on the way as planned but then thought I had climbed to the rocks above but was low. Lost over a minute, maybe two? Too low going to 10 and lost another 90s. Clean until the final control when I got too low and hit the track. Lost maybe 30s. Enjoyed the map and course, was feeling strong but as a result running too hard to keep in contact.
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Oceania Middle Distance Championships (2015-01-06) Oceania Middle Distance Championships (2015-01-06)